Meme by Alan Lupiani

Alan Lupiani engages in socio-political issues on a local, regional, and international level and has exhibited and performed in multiple museums, galleries, and art events throughout the United States. Recent exhibitions include performances at Winkleman Gallery, Postmasters Gallery and the  “No Comment” Art Show for Occupy Wall Street in New York City. He has also exhibited multi-media installations at Third Ward Gallery in Brooklyn and the Figment Festival on Governor’s Island in New York. Lupiani presented "Art Road Show" at Art Basel Miami Beach 2010, as part of  #rank, a collective group initiative sponsored by Winkleman Gallery at the Seven Art Fair. He continued Art Road Show as an independent performance at ABMB in 2011 and was invited by the Seven Art Fair to interview the participating gallerists and artists. More recently, Lupiani has re-established his studio practice, exhibiting paintings in 2012 at his alma mater, Binghamton University. He also has an ongoing relationship with Radiator Gallery in Long Island City, participating in the group show Break/Step in 2012 as well as curating the group exhibition, "So Real" in 2013. "So Real" provided a survey of contemporary works which as a whole, reflected on the relationships between Social Realism and Socialist Realism in the 20th century.